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Never in my dreams could I image a single lens that would provide incredibly high quality images, with a stepless focal range from 200-784mm. I recently took a number of images with the Canon 200-400 employing both the internal 1.4x and an external Canon 1.4x III converter, providing a focal range from 560-784mm. Image quality was […]

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Heat 3 Smart gloves  I have a container full of expensive gloves, mitts, and combinations thereof that never keep my hands warm in the temperature and weather conditions advertised. Those big cumbersome down or synthetic fill mittens that do provide superior warmth provide little, if any,  tactile ability when trying to alter camera settings.  Most […]

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  • Mark Lagrange

    Looks great, but at $200 feels a bit steep. Must be something out there in the middle.ReplyCancel

    • Mark,

      I have hundreds of dollars in gloves, and mittens in a bin. I wish I knew about these gloves earlier. as I would have bought once instead of spending much more in the long run. I have a like new pair of Black Diamond Mercury Mitts, Marmot Expedition Mitts, Arc’Teyx Cam SV gloves…I can sell for a discount if interested.


  • Chas, Finally a glove that I can wear in sub 0 temperature AND STILL USE MY CAMERAS !! These gloves are worth every penny. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.ReplyCancel

Balancing Flash and Ambient Light When I hear someone say I hate flash images it typically tells me they feel uncomfortable and/or do not fully comprehend how to use flash effectively.  Many state they can always tell when flash is used as the images have a “flashed” look to them. Meaning, the subject appears overly […]

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  • Hi Charles,

    Good article this, thanks for sharing… question….as timing is quite critical with wildlife photography, would it not be easier setting the flash to TTL and simply dialling in a negative EV on the speedlight itself….

    From South Africa….unfortunately can’t attend the seminar…



  • Mark,

    Appreciate your comment.

    TTL and Manual flash actually take exactly the same two steps to add/subtract flash intensity. With both you have to push the Select button and rotate a dial or push a button. The problem is ETTL will bias exposure based on the predominant tonal values within the meter pattern. Change the tones by zooming or shifting the background and you will again have to change the flash comp. Manual does not deviate or require changing the flash output as it is based soley on distance. But, there in lies the problem… the subject distance must be constant or you will need to adjust the flash output. In truth when used together the newer cameras and flashes do a great job, basing the flash exposure more on distance then in the past.

    Manual flash is still my prefered method if the subject is at a constant distance, and this includes flight photography. Because I try to shoot images within a narrow window of opportunity ( best light and background, with a given ssubject size) this is not as hard as you would think.ReplyCancel

  • Barb

    How does working with a Better Beamer affect your flash settings?ReplyCancel

    • Barb,

      Not all if using TTL.
      If using manual flash you will need to set the output to approx 1/2 the flash to subject distance for fully illuminating the subject, or 1/4 the distance for 2 stops fill.